Below is a list of events for Battle of the Borders.  Weights coming soon!

  • Wheelbarrow Load and Race - Loaded wheelbarrow is picked and moved.  Every 20 feet over an 80 foot course competitors will pick and load a keg or sandbag.  No straps, no tacky.
  • Max Log - Wessel's Rule.  Three Attempts, 60 seconds per attempt.  No resting on head.  Miss and you're done.
  • Axle Tire Squat - Axle will be unracked and squatted until tires hit boxes on each side and then squatted up.  Wait for down call.  Max reps in 60 seconds.  Suits, sleeves, knee wraps allowed.
  • Car Deadlift and Hold - Athlete picks up vehicle when given command (10 seconds to lock out), clock starts when hips are locked out.  Hold as long as possible.  Clock stops when implement hits the floor.  No straps, no tacky.  Suits allowed.
  • Max Stone - Three attempts to load your heaviest stone.  60 seconds to perform rep.  Miss and you're done.